How to obtain sacramental records

The following guidelines pertain to anyone looking for a copy of sacramental records from St. John the Baptist Parish:

1. If you are looking for First Holy Communion, Confirmation, or Marriage records, please first consult your church of Baptism, as they are responsible for collecting all of your records.

2. All record requests to St. John the Baptist Parish shall be in writing (email is ok) and should include the following:

Name (include maiden name)

Date of birth

Name of parents

Approximate date of Sacrament

Address of church where official document can be sent.

An official copy is one with the parish seal on it. Contact information (phone or email)

All records needing the official seal should be sent directly to the church of the member seeking the record. Unofficial records may be obtained and sent to personal addresses.

(If the parish requesting a copy of a sacrament is ours and the sacrament was celebrated in Lovelock, we don't need to make a copy of a certificate; the date of the sacrament is sufficient. Why? We can simply verify in our books that such sacrament was celebrated without making a copy).

3. Please note that records require two weeks processing time.

4. We are happy to assist with genealogical requests as time permits. Please contact us. In some cases, you might need to contact the diocese depending on the year of the sacrament.

Letters of Good Standing and Other Requests

If you require a letter of good standing or other requests, such as a confirmation service hour letter, permission to be a Godparent or Sponsor, please note that these requests take up to two weeks to process. Letters will be written/signed and sent out to the address requested. These letters will be provided to registered parishioners.