Thank you for your valuable ministry.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Please be aware, the *Workbook for lectors, gospel readers, and proclaimers of the Word* is available in the sacristy.

This Workbook is one of the best resources a proclaimer can have in preparing to effectively speak the Word of God. Comprehensive though succinct, it offers excellent cultural background as well as insight into the characters in the readings. It provides practical guidance on pronunciation and punctuation; it suggests what to emphasize, and why, and how. Very importantly, it offers spiritual insight into all three readings, how they inter-relate, the message of each, and their relevance to today.

This book includes these helpful features: pronunciation assistance / sense line format for readings mirror the Lectionary and aid the reader in preparation / lectionary numbers for each set of readings / commentaries for each reading, provide users with scriptural background / information and tips for effective proclamation / margin notes point to the logical divisions in the passages / bolded words help the reader know when to stress important sections and concepts.

Fr. Mark Hanifan

Lectors and Altar Servers

Attention All Lectors & Altar Servers: 

If you aren't available on your scheduled date,

please find a replacement.  Thank you.


Fr. Mark requests that an adult accompanyall altar servers while they are in the sacristy both before and after mass. This is in conjunction with Protecting God's Children. It will also ensure that the robes are hung back up properly and not thrown on the floor.